Tangicloud Celebrates Triumphant Trifecta for Fiscal Year 2023

picture of Steve Potts, Tangicloud's President

Steve Potts, President of Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.

Tangicloud Technologies, a pioneer of innovative financial solutions for nonprofit and government organizations, proudly commemorates three unprecedented milestones reached during fiscal year 2023. The company achieved a flawless 100% subscription renewal rate, with growth to over 100 organizations and 1000 users. This solidifies Tangicloud’s stature as an industry frontrunner. Driven by unwavering excellence and dedication, Tangicloud’s industry solutions continue to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.

Steve Potts, President of Tangicloud, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “We are absolutely thrilled to achieve a 100% subscription renewal rate for our fiscal year ending June 2023. This milestone, and the validation by a growing Fundamentals user community not only confirms our approach to leveraging Microsoft technology and tailoring solutions for nonprofits and governments but also underscores our commitment to being a reliable Microsoft partner that consistently delivers value to other partners and customers alike.”

Tangicloud’s achievements are rooted in its three core pillars:

  • Outstanding modern technology for their platform – Tangicloud focuses on the power of its partnership with Microsoft to bring the most modern, cloud-based solutions to two industries that may otherwise be underserved – governments and nonprofits.
  • Customer driven innovation to provide vertical-industry functionality – Tangicloud management has been serving nonprofits and governments since the late 1990s and continues to listen to customers’ ideas, wish lists, and requirements. This makes sure Fundamentals is always evolving to meet changing industry needs.
  • Elevating Customer Service to new heights – Central to Tangicloud’s 100% subscription renewal success is its unwavering commitment to customer service. The company’s dedication is manifest in its comprehensive support system and partner community. Monthly software updates keep clients ahead of the curve, while an expanding knowledge base empowers self-service troubleshooting. Furthermore, the company continues to provide unparalleled online support responsiveness.

Potts emphasized, “By working with Microsoft, with our Dynamics 365 partners, customers, and our passionate staff, we’re all building a better world – together!”

The Three Significant Achievements

  1. Empowering Over 100 Organizations: Tangicloud’s unwavering dedication to nonprofit and government organizations has yielded profound impacts to diverse types of organizations. The embrace of Tangicloud’s Apps by over 100 such entities attests to their unmatched value. Through these relationships, Tangicloud empowers organizations to achieve more with less, amplifying their community impact and accelerating their missions through streamlined financial management.
  2. Transforming The Lives of Over 1,000 Users: The far-reaching influence of Tangicloud’s innovation extends to individual users, accountants and volunteers. Over 1,000 people have experienced the transformative power of Fundamentals. This rewarding journey equips nonprofits and governments with the tools to unleash their full potential, enabling them to effectively support their constituents .
  3. 100% Subscription Renewal: Tangicloud’s unparalleled achievement of maintaining a 100% subscription renewal rate for the fiscal year ending June 2023 is a testament to its steadfast customer satisfaction. This remarkable feat is a reflection of the trust organizations place in Tangicloud’s Apps.  These solutions empower clients to strategically allocate limited resources, maximizing their impact on society. This success underscores Tangicloud’s role as a strategic partner in driving meaningful societal change.

About Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.

For insights into Tangicloud’s transformative impact on nonprofit and government financial management, please visit www.tangicloud.com. To learn more, connect with us at info@tangicloud.com to arrange a personal call or online meeting. 

Tangicloud Technologies, Inc. a privately-held Colorado corporation, is a pioneer in ERP solutions for nonprofits and governments. Renowned for its mastery of Microsoft technology and its commitment to customer-driven innovation, the company brings expertise in nonprofit and government operational management to the Microsoft Dynamics partner and customer communities. With a steadfast dedication to collaboration with nonprofits and governments, Tangicloud is unwavering in its mission to deliver best-in-class accounting solutions for nonprofits and governments thus making the world a better place together.