Modern & Flexible Software for Nonprofits

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Every day nonprofits make our world better, safer, and our lives more sustainable.  You help our environment,  people in need, our animals, the arts and sciences, people of faith, and so much more. THANK YOU!

Since 1999, Tangicloud has pioneered the use of Microsoft’s most modern & flexible Dynamics Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) ERP software platform to make sure you have the best non profit accounting software. We understand the profound responsibility that comes with good stewardship. You can count on us to bring you great features and great technology to make your job easier.

Here’s what nonprofits CFOs expressed as their top concerns which can be resolved with better software:

Non profit accounting is complex

While CFOs reported good relationships with their peers, board members, executive directors and auditors, they were challenged by staff not complying with basic tasks such as submitting timesheets.  Aspects requiring better software included forecasting, budgeting, managing cash flows, managing grants, and reporting to funders.

Tangicloud is based on the world’s leading accounting software platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and is tuned to meet the specialized needs of your nonprofit.

CFOs must keep up with technology

When you invest in a new accounting software, you should meet today’s requirements, while gaining confidence that your technology will be up-to-date for years to come.  At Tangicloud, we’ve spoken to some accounting personnel who claimed to have been on the same software for as long as thirty years. Microsoft’s investment in modern accounting software platforms changes the game.

Nonprofit financial staff never have enough time

Your financial team’s time is always in short supply.  Administration budgets are always tight, headcount is limited, while burdens on staff time are ever increasing.  These problems are made worse by building sub-systems in spreadsheets and having to manually move data between systems. Accounting software needs to provide greater integration and workflow management to boost productivity.