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There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone.  Most need more sophisticated software as they outgrow low-end accounting software, while still minimizing costs. Tangicloud provides advanced functionality within multiple software editions to allow you to choose the best combination of features and cost.

Latest Release Features

Check back here frequently.  We’re always innovating for you.

Tangicloud Spring/Summer Release Highlights

Our 2018 releases this Spring will bring many benefits for both existing customers and prospects.  They bring forward the latest enhancements from Microsoft in their Dynamics 365 Business Central version, as well as several enhancements designed specifically for nonprofits and governments.


Microsoft continues to invest heavily in the Business Central platform (formerly Navision or Dynamics NAV) with features such as:

  • User Tasks– role centers can have a user task queue to create system-wide recurring or one-time tasks, assignable to users with tracking of due dates. Any overdue tasks are highlighted in red for easy identification of what needs attention.
  • Employee Ledger Entries– allows employee expenses to be processed against employee records instead of vendor records.
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales – improvements have been made with a setup wizard to synchronize data with Dynamics 365 for Sales (CRM).


In 2018, our product roadmap is focused on extending procurement and reporting functionality within the software. Some current highlights are:

  • Trial Balance Analysis– allows multi-dimensional summary and detail trial balance analysis in Excel with row grouping based on fund/dimension combinations.
  • Deferral Codes– allows sales and purchase invoices and automatically post revenues/expenses across multiple future periods in GL.
  • New FASB report layouts– organizes net asset classes to support the new 2018 FASB reporting requirements into two major classes (With or Without Donor Restrictions).
  • Requisitions with Commitments– entry of requisitions by limited users with the ability for purchasing agents to fulfil requisitions from purchase orders, blanket orders, purchase quotes, requests for quote and inventory stocks.
  • Saved Document Templates– ability to save order and invoice documents as templates.
  • Import Documents– Import orders and invoice documents so that both headers and lines can be evaluated for approvals.
  • Requests for Quote– solicit bids for requisitions by creating RFQs.
  • 2-way and 3-way PO to AP matching– with tolerances by quantity or amount.
  • Enhanced PO to AP invoice handling– allowing for multiple POs per vendor invoice.
  • Scheduled payments in AP– Generate multiple payment due dates from one invoice using fixed amounts and/or percentages.
  • Batch Allocations– Ability to create periodic allocations.
  • Dynamic columns for reports– Create multiple months or dimension value columns.

Q1 2018: You will notice a change in your Tangicloud software when you login.  This is because you have been updated to the 2017 version which contains many changes made by Microsoft, especially to the web client.

  1. On the home page, you may see your logo showing up in the top left corner if you uploaded a logo in the Company Information page.
  2. Under the logo, you will see a new part called Business Assistance.  This will default to the new help topics.
  3. Also on the home page, you will see a new action called “Financial Reports.”  This action has not been activated yet, so please do not use it.  This is where we will have new layouts for standard reports coming in a few weeks, including a Cash Flow report.  We will be conducting a training session shortly to show you how to set these reports up.
  4. Color?  Yes, you are starting to see more color here, and we will be activating new charts very soon, as well as providing you the ability to run account schedules in color with drill-down back to detail in the system.
  5. There are several changes in using the software in the web client.  Some of our favorites are:
    1. You can press the Esc key to leave a page instead of pressing the “X” button.
    2. The ribbon at the top of the page will expand itself instead of always collapsing itself.
    3. Tooltips and updated help. When you click on a label, you will see a tooltip and a Learn More link.  The Learn More link will connect to a more detailed help topic.
  6. Per Microsoft, there should be some performance improvements as well with how pages are rendered.  Please let us know if you notice any changes as performance is always in the “eyes of the beholder.”

For the immediate future, please continue to use the software as before.  As soon as we have updated all our customers, we will hold sessions to teach you how to use new features in the system. 

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please let us know.