Engineered by Microsoft

Tangicloud’s Fundamentals is based on the world’s leading ERP product, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Formerly Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Navision). Microsoft engineers built a world-class software product, as well as the most versatile deployment platform available.  Tangicloud then added industry-specific functionality for nonprofits and governments using the same standards and methodologies.

Our Fundamentals vision emphasizes more features, faster implementations and an optimized user experience.  Some enhancements you’ll find to the base Business Central product include 8 Global Dimensions, enhanced Excel integration, and menu enhancements. Ask your Business Central Partner about other improvements Tangicloud added to base Business Central through Fundamentals.

In addition to the enhancements, we’ve also added industry specific features to make your organization as transparent, efficient and modern as possible, while keeping the support load light for IT professionals.

And on the new platform, Microsoft provides fantastic integration with Word, Excel, Outlook, Power BI and PDF to further increase user productivity.  “Seamless integration” with Microsoft Apps isn’t a claim, it’s a fact.

Built For The Future

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is the foundation for the Microsoft cloud offering called Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition.  Consequently, Tangicloud users are assured of long-term viability because of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investment in the NAV platform.  The majority of programming is done by massive Microsoft development teams based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and enhanced with Industry Specialist Vendors like Tangicloud to meet the specific needs of industries like nonprofits and governments.

World Class ERP Plus Best-in Class Industry Solution

Think of Fundamentals as an extension of Microsoft Business Central to deliver additional–industry-specific–functionality typically not found in even great commercial ERP products. Business Central delivers a richness of functionality for handling multiple companies, currencies, general ledger, payables, receivables, inventory, etc.  Then Fundamentals extends this solution to add fully integrated, industry-specific functionality like:

  • Advanced Allocations
  • Fund Accounting
  • Account Schedules with out-of-the-box nonprofit financial reports
  • Purchase requisitions with commitments
  • Purchase orders with encumbrances
  • EFT & MICR payments
  • Budget Control

Easy To Enhance, Easy to Customize

How does Tangicloud add so much functionality with Fundamentals?  We are a proud ISV partner in  a clear and comprehensible Microsoft program.  Microsoft provides Tangicloud with the complete source code for the base product, plus software development tools which allow us to build new features rapidly. Any code by the Tangicloud team has to pass stringent Microsoft certification tests to assure long-term support. For end users and partners, this makes Fundamentals a clear, safe, and easy choice in fund accounting solutions.

Options to Use Almost Any Device and Database Servers

Microsoft develops client computing and server development options which are unmatched in the industry.  You get to choose how you want to run your servers, whether in the cloud or on premise.  then access your servers using almost any computer or mobile device using web browsers or even Windows.  Better still mix both Windows and  web browsers to allow your employees the maximum flexibility possible.


Windows, Web Browsers, Tablets and Smartphones

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