Tangicloud Welcomes Kathy Saigeon, Non-Profit Audit Specialist To Advisory Board

Tangicloud Welcomes Kathy Saigeon, Non-Profit Audit Specialist To Advisory Board

Tangicloud Welcomes Kathy Saigeon, Non-Profit Audit Specialist To Advisory Board

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  • On November 29, 2016




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Date: December 1, 2016


Tangicloud Welcomes Kathy Saigeon, Non-Profit Audit Specialist To Advisory Board

Littleton, Colorado – November 25, 2016 – Tangicloud Technologies, Inc., a Colorado-based software publisher focused on serving the government and nonprofit communities welcomes Kathy Saigeon to their advisory board. The move comes as Tangicloud seeks to better position itself for providing solutions to government and non-profit organizations. and to optimize their systems and services for the future.

Kathy Saigeon brings over 25-years of experience with her in joining the board; an announcement which marks the latest step in what has already been an exemplary career in philanthropy and non-profit leadership. With Kathy providing advice and direction to Tangicloud, both the company and its clients can look forward to a bright future.

Kathy’s career as a certified public accountant (CPA) began in the prestigious surroundings of Pricewaterhouse, where she specialized in non-profit auditing. Her background as a computer programmer and systems developer – Kathy was working in a development role with a Fortune 500 automotive manufacturer aged only 19 – led her to a position on PW’s computer audit specialists team, where she honed her craft further.

With a firm grounding and an impressive level of expertise in non-profit accounting, the self-taught developer’s career went from strength to strength. Leadership positions at organizations such as The Kellogg Foundation and The Fuller Foundation followed, as did a position as President and Executive Director at Christian Foundation of the West.

Now, Kathy opens another chapter in a fascinating and varied career in non-profit auditing and software development, where she will partner another Pricewaterhouse alumnus, Emory Kesteloot. It promises to be an exciting step forward for Tangicloud, although this is not completely uncharted territory, as Kathy has worked with company founders, Jay and Liesa Malik, before.

“I joined the Tangicloud team because of Jay and Liesa Malik’s proven track record in delivery of not for profit solutions, with deep expertise, excellent service and support, and a genuine love and regard for the charitable and public service sector,” Kathy explains.

“I took a chance with them in 2001 as they were starting Serenic Software, and have had a front row seat working alongside them all these years.”

Now, as Kathy and Tangicloud prepare to move forward in partnership, Kathy Seigeon is predicting great things for the developers, citing Tangicloud as the next industry leaders in cloud and enterprise solutions for the not for profit sector.



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