The Tangicloud Story

Jay Malik, CEO for Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.Hello, and thanks for visiting,

I’m Jay Malik, founder and CEO for Tangicloud. I’ve been working with nonprofits and governments for over 20 years. My passion is to deliver the best accounting software functionality possible on the most modern technology platforms available. Tangicloud’s mission is driven on my personal belief that we here to serve the people who work in nonprofits and governments as they selflessly serve the greater good.

Tangicloud’s story is based on my personal belief that there is a lot more to being a good business than focusing too much on the bottom line, and not enough on the experience we bring to those we serve.

Driven to Impact the World

At Tangicloud we love working with people in nonprofits and governments. We challenge ourselves each day to continue improving our products and services to meet your current and future needs.  We pioneered the advent of rich functionality when we first discovered a little-know Danish product called Navision back in 1999.  The foundation for our former product was rooted in experience at a company called American Fundware which defined the essence for industry-specific fund accounting functionality, later emulated by most other companies.

New Century, New Energy for this Community

We created a company called Serenic using this incredible accounting software platform and established a globally-leading solution which we are proud to see still serving the needs of hundreds of organizations across the world,  After taking Serenic public and growing the company to its high-water market capitalization, I decided to leave Serenic having founded, nurtured and grown the company I named after my daughters, Sara and Nicola, to be a strong industry leader.

During those initial years, we were pleased when Microsoft acquired the Navision product. They rebranded it as  Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Now, that little-known Navision product has become the cornerstone for Microsoft’s strategy for their cloud ERP solution, branded as Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Welcome to the Cloud

As we learned about Microsoft’s commitment to the cloud, we were invited to take over the customer base for a Serenic spin-off called OneNFP.  We were happy to serve the needs of these customers by launching a new Tangicloud product, now based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 with a mission to bring sophisticated functionality to more organizations.

This redesign involved working on the user interface to function better in the cloud, so that users outgrowing products like Quickbooks would have an easier transition as they added more sophisticated functionality to their operations.  In addition, Microsoft’s commitment to running the cloud infrastructure for our customers, greatly reduced the total cost of ownership as many IT costs were absorbed into the software price.

Tangicloud, Taking You to the 21st Century

So in 2016, we built a better, faster, easier and more cost-effective version of our previous products, converted the orphaned OneNFP customers and worked with Microsoft engineers to continually improve our cloud offerings.  Our priority in 2016 was to ensure the current customers were taken care off and to build a solid foundation to move customers forward from other older and out-of-date solutions.

Now in 2017, we are pleased to invite more customers to join us in enjoying the most robust, best funded and best supported solution in the world, Microsoft Dynamics 365, which you can run in the cloud, or on premises. Tangicloud works to provide the rich extensions to meet very specific nonprofit and governmental needs as Microsoft depends on Industry Solution Vendors (ISVs) like us to tailor a solution to match your industry needs.

With our 20 years track record of successfully identifying the winners in the accounting software world, like Navision, then Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then Dynamics 365, we believe Tangicloud provides the most reliable and responsiveness set of software solutions to meet your needs today, and for decades to come.

Today, Tangicloud is a team of people committed to you, with a proven track record for innovation, vision and exceptional customer service.