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Government fund accounting

Government is about all of us and in all its forms exists to make ours a better society.  From federal to state, county to local, special districts to tribal, all governmental organizations work tirelessly and often without recognition or great rewards.  For all of this great work,


Since the beginning of this century, we have pioneered the use of Microsoft’s platforms to bring more robust, modern, and cost-effective accounting software to governments of all types.  Fundamentals delivers specific governmental functionality, as well as a range of procurement, supply-chain, and other “commercial” capabilities to help modernize your government.  All this using Microsoft’s very latest platforms, applications, and technologies to make sure you will never have out-of-date software ever again.  These Microsoft tools include Office 365 (i.e. Excel, Word, Teams and Outlook), CRM, as well as the entire Dataverse ecosystem.

Here are some of the top concerns expressed by government financial leaders:

Microsoft Dataverse technology for governments

Harnessing new technology is vital

90% of CFOs in a recent Ernst & Young survey said that the power of new technology is a major factor to improve business performance and to reduce risk.  Digital transformation is a key imperative for modern governance.

Tangicloud is proud to offer the world’s leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Navision or Microsoft Dynamics NAV) accounting software to governments so that you can enjoy the benefits of Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar investments. These investments come to you in the form of greater accounting software integrations with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Cloud servers, SQL Server and modern reporting and analysis tools like Power BI.

Being “stuck” or “locked” with ineffective, legacy software

Have you ever heard the phrase “The best software that was never implemented” ?  Many government departments or agencies have to feed data to large monolithic and unfriendly software systems which cost millions of dollars and are largely unresponsive to your daily needs.  Or worse, you actually have to use software which is horribly inefficient at meeting your true needs.

Would you like a more nimble, flexible and cost effective solution?  Tangicloud offers comprehensive and flexible accounting solutions that allow you to feed your “mother ship” or stand-alone as you want.

photo of old technology
Government Accounting Software - do more with less

Government workers always have to do more with less

Solutions that worked 10 years ago are no longer applicable today.  Innovation is essential.  Your software investments must be leaner yet also more impactful by offering comprehensive functionality, improved workflow management, greater leverage of your office productivity tools like Microsoft Excel.

Tangicloud’s Fundamentals is best-in-class accounting software for governments built on the world’s foremost ERP platform, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV or Navision). Fundamentals is tuned to meet your specialized needs, while also allowing you to personalize or even customize your user experience.