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Did You Know? . . .

There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States alone.  In addition, there are tens of thousands of governments also needing modern ERP functionality. Most need more sophisticated and modern software as they outgrow low-end or legacy accounting software, while still minimizing costs. Tangicloud provides advanced functionality with free hosting provided by Microsoft to truly “future-proof” your investment.

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100% Up-to-Date Upgrades, and Updates . . .

With Business Central, Microsoft provides free updates every month, with two major releases a year. As a premier Industry Solutions partner with Microsoft, Tangicloud also provides monthly updates to enhance your software, as well as maintain the same release cadence as Microsoft.

Fundamentals customers can be assured that their investment will always keep up with the latest Microsoft features and technologies, while continuing to add features requested by our partners and customers.

In addition, thousands of Microsoft engineers assure compliance, up-time, geo-redundant backups, so your IT staff can focus on more important projects.

Customer Driven Innovation . . .

We love our customers and our partners!

We love the technology advancements Microsoft continues to deliver and that Microsoft enables companies like ours to continuously enhance your software. Nonprofit and government customers are unique in their willingness to share ideas to benefit their entire community.

Tangicloud loves to listen, learn and respond.   Your software investment needs to be future-proof and Microsoft technology investments and our combined innovation will assure you of a software investment that you may never out-grow.

Customer Driven Innovation