About Tangicloud

You can trust Tangicloud for great fund accounting

Tangicloud is an accounting software publisher focused on nonprofit and government fund accounting needs. We selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for our platform because your organization deserves the best possible ERP and accounting software.

Business Central is used by more than 200,000 satisfied businesses worldwide representing millions of users. Tangicloud’s Fundamentals product has embedded the unique features required by governments and nonprofits into Business Central. Now you can have both the power of Microsoft and Tangicloud’s industry expertise when you choose to work with us.


To deliver premium quality, innovative, and highly functional ERP software to governments and nonprofits everywhere.


Tangicloud’s management team is excited to help you with your fund accounting and software requirements. This is because we’ve served in this industry for quite some time. We know your work supporting your organization’s transparency, efficiency, and cost-effective operations is challenging, yet essential to your mission’s success. Our past efforts have educated and humbled us in the face of all you do.

And so, we’re looking forward to sharing the future with you. Today’s technology is exploding with possibilities for modernization. Most of all, we want to help you save time and money, and empower you to do more with less.  We’d like to blend your passion for good with our passion for software excellence, so together we can create a brighter world.

Jay Malik, CEO Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Jay Malik is CEO and co-founder of Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Liesa Malik, COO Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Liesa Malik is COO and co-founder of Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Erik Kesteloot, CTO Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Co-Founder Erik Kesteloot is the Chief Technology Officer for Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
picture of Steve Potts, Tangicloud's President
Steve Potts, President of Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.


Kathy Saigeon, Board Advisor, Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Tangicloud board Advisor Katherine Saigeon.
Emory Kesteloot, Board Advisor, Tangicloud Technologies, Inc.
Tangicloud board Advisor Emory Kesteloot.