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Enhances Microsoft Business Central for Nonprofits and Governments

Future-proof your fund/grant accounting & ERP solution using the latest Microsoft platforms

With Tangicloud FundamentalsTM, your organization’s path to the Microsoft cloud just got easier.  Tangicloud is a proud Industry Solution Vendor for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with over 20 years experience in providing the kind of enhancements that ensures your organization can be as modern, transparent, and efficient as any organization the world over.

Our award-winning cloud App enhances Microsoft Business Central for Nonprofits and Governments to provide the comprehensive functionality needed to proactively manage fund balancing, line allocations, approvals, budget control, industry compliant reporting and more. 

So if you want a software you can depend on anywhere, anytime, and off almost any device, look to Fundamentals, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Proudly serving nonprofits, NGOs and governments for over 25 years! Building industry-specific functionality into Microsoft Business Central for nonprofits and governments based on feedback from thousands of satisfied users

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Fundamentals helps nonprofits increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and effectively manage their resources.

For Governments


Fundamentals helps governments to modernize their accounting software to the latest Microsoft technologies.

Non-Governmental Organizations


Non-governmental organizations further benefit from using Business Central's multiple currency and language features.

Tangicloud Partners Ensure Your Success!

At Tangicloud we have a saying, “It Takes A Community.”  This means that in order for you to have success with your User Experience, you need:

  • The World’s #1 Middle Market ERP Platform – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,
  • The Right Industry Solution in Tangicloud’s Fundamentals App for nonprofits, governments, and NGOs,
  • A great Value Added Reseller who can help you implement the best software for your organization, and continue the relationship to make sure you receive the support and attention your organization deserves.

Tangicloud works with Microsoft Partners and Value Added Resellers around the world to make sure that wherever you are, you receive the service you deserve in your quest to make our world a better place. Find out more by contacting us today.

Tangicloud's three pillars for your success

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Delivering Functionality

With decades of commitment to nonprofits and governments, Tangicloud is committed to delivering continuous product enhancements to meet changing needs.

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Passion for Technology

Tangicloud has always been a pioneer in delivering the latest Microsoft technologies to our customers using the modern, extensible Business Central ERP platform.

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Exceptional Service

By using the latest Microsoft tools and technologies, Tangicloud can exceed customer service response times, augmented by modern helpdesk software.

Investors: Want to know more about Tangicloud?

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